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The Norm [Feb. 25th, 2002|03:00 pm]
I don't really have anything to say, but I figure I'll give someone something to read. Really I was just reading something in Holly's journal, and it reminded me that I am Norm. Let me explain. For a period of a month or two I was quite an avid newspaper comic reader. One reason was because I liked the situation Norm was in "The Norm." It was the whole bit about him taking a liking to his best friend. Well, I wasn't in the same situation, but it certainly wasn't very far off. It was cool though, cause he has little bits in the comic where he steps aside and talks to the reader about his delimas. He falls into stuff that I can easily see myself getting into.
Well, Norm is married now, which kinda stinks cause it was a better bachelor comic. So I don't think I'm Norm anymore, but it was neat.
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Winter Olympics [Feb. 12th, 2002|08:58 pm]
I try to be as cultured as I can, but there are some things about the Olympics that I just don't really get. That's ok, cause there's alot of stuff I'm into that folks don't get.
Anycase, I don't quite get figure skating. As a disclaimer I have to admit those people are amazing. They can do extrodinary things out there on the ice. But I do have a different take. Figure skating would appeal more to me if it were less graceful and more flashy. As it is, it seems to me a very skilled dance rather than a sport. I'd like to see people come out without a costume and have no music(well maybe some rock n'roll). Of course that might be a turn off to millions of people around the world.
The other thing I have with the winter games is that so many of the games' results are subjective. What I mean is that judges partially or completely determine the standings. I, being a cross country runner, am used to results being obvious with no debate (well rarely). First one across the line, or the one who scores the most goals wins. Although it was kinda fun in a way yelling at judges for not giving the American (that kinda looked like Tom Cruise) a higher spot in moguls than that French dude.
Then you have NBC. I think reporters are funny. They love drama. I thought they were trying to win an Academy Award for figure skating preshow. They tale all this drama over these two dudes, and I laughed away. I would have been much more intrigued if they had said "Look, this guy can jump in the air and spin around 4 times, and he can pull his foot over his head while on the ice." Then I would have been psyched.
The other thing about reporters is that they love to focus on the negative. "Hey, how does it feel to have bombed big time in the most important game of your life?" And they love trying to get people to say controversial stuff, about judges perhaps. "Hey, do you think you got ripped off? Why don't you go punch that dude in the nose? Then we can make you look bad in front of our country."
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Cool Hand Luke [Feb. 11th, 2002|09:36 pm]
Just for this entry, I'm going to assume that only one person ever reads this. I think a quote is in line.
"What we got here is failure to communicate."

Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke.
I love that line. And it's appropriate so often.
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Action Movies [Feb. 9th, 2002|10:52 pm]
Well tonight I realized that there is a key element missing in my no-plot action movie.If you are not familiar with this idea I'll sum it up. Basically the thinking is that most action movies have really bad plots that don't really add to the movie. My idea is to make a movie that takes out the plot altogether. If you're going to make a silly action movie, why bother with all the unnecessary dialog.
The part I neglected to include is the guy who never dies. Most cheesy action movies have some dude who gets shot, stabbed, and blown up, yet still comes out in decent shape. This can be the good guy or the bad guy. If it's the bad guy, he will eventually be killed by something. I think in my movie I should have a dude get shot in the head, I dunno, maybe 4 times, and keeps coming back. Well, that might add a bit too much satire and take too much from the action. Who knows?
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Illustrator Project [Feb. 8th, 2002|02:38 pm]
Today we got a new assignment in for Adobe Illustrator in my multimedia class. We're sposed to design a t-shirt for:
Our senior shirt
a local radio station
The State Fair of Texas
another option that I don't remember
I think I am going to do a senior shirt. I didn't come up with any good ideas I can actually use, but here are a few I thought might be funny.

On front- Pirate Motto-- Respect Honor Pride
On back- Pirate Motto-- Kill Lute Plunder

Screw it! Sr. 02

Jimmy's idea- Parole Granted, Senior 02
Jimmy's other idea- Our last summer school Sr. 02

A product of about 3 of us- Potet Hi Skool, a Nasionaly Recognizd Exemply Skool
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Little odd stuff [Feb. 7th, 2002|10:06 pm]
I get a real kick out of weird small mistakes people make during the day. Things like walking into a room and forgeting why you came in and blank stares are quite interesting to me. Well I had an interesting one today.
I was at work, and I just walked someone back to show them where the bathrooms are, and I opened the door for them. This is an example of what we at work call "Texas Friendly." (Cheesy customer service coaching) Anycase, a manager saw me doing that and said "Good job of Texas Friendly sir," and reaches out his hand in a gesture to offer a handshake. He did this right as I was picking up a stack of menus, so I transferred the stack to my left hand and proceede to shake with the right. However, one menu did not make the hand exchange and fell out on the floor when I went to shake his hand.
Reading back over that,it doesn't look like that much paragraph worth of interesting info, but I thought it strange enough to write down. Ok, that's it for now.
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Musical and Such [Feb. 6th, 2002|09:39 pm]
Well, this will be pretty long, and if you're reading it odds are you already know all this, but maybe you'll check in for old times sake.
I was in the school musical, The Music Man (which I found out tonight, supposedly means I'm going gay. Sucks for me, huh). Anycase it was pretty fun. It was quite cheesy. But there was some stinking funny stuff happen along the way. We opened Thurs. night and had shows thru Sun. afternoon, a total of 4.
We had 3 administrators in the play; the principal, the assistant principal, and some other lady. Well there's one scene where everyone runs around all crazy like with the lights down. The first night while this was going on I ran into the principal and nearly knocked her over. The director got quite a kick out of it. I figured that although it was an accident, it was worth it because hardly anyone can plow over their principal without reprocussions.
The second night the Wells Fargo wagon pulls up to deliver band instruments to the kids in the town. Somebody pulls out a pair of female, nude, toe to butt manakin legs. That gave us a laugh. On the last performance they also pulled out the matching top half, and nearly got into some trouble. Also, I hit a dude in the head with a lantern twice before everything was said and done.
I could keep going on with this, but like I say, you already know all about it if you're reading this, so since I'm getting a little tired of typing the stories I've been telling everyone, I'm going to wrap it up.
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Pirate Theatre [Jan. 25th, 2002|11:26 pm]
Here's a funny thought I had today that probably will not come across to anyone but me. I'm at Poteet in a play called the Music Man. Our mascot is the Pirates. I got a mental image of a bunch of pirates putting on a play about traveling salesmen circa 1920. Picture a bunch of guys in old suits on a train with hooks, peg legs, patches on their eyes, and unshaven. I just thought it was sort of a funny idea.
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Funny things about work [Jan. 24th, 2002|10:09 pm]
I work as a host at Saltgrass Steakhouse. It is a decent job, but I'll probably move to something else pretty soon. There are a bunch of funny things that happen here and there around the resteraunt. Here are just a few kicks I get.
--People are extremely insincere at work. This includes me. When I am ready to get off work and people come in the door I start scolding them and telling them to go home (this of course being before they come in). When they come in I say "Hi. How are you doing? Good to have you here. I hope you enjoy your meal."
--We hand out "Steak Eaters' Guides" to customers. These tell about the different cuts that are offered. Once a guy informed me that he needed no instruction on how to eat. Thus the eaters' guide would not help.
--My favorite lie to tell is "NO Problem." "Sure I can sit you in that (closed) booth. That's no trouble"
--It's hard to find a good broom. There are short ones, and gross ones all over the place though. Tonight I picked up a broom that was a bit wet, but didn't seem too bad. I swept off the mat by the door first so that the broom would be dried while sweeping it off. This dried off the broom, so I proceded to sweep. After a minute I noticed a fowl odor. Then I realized the broom had been used to clean up gross junk in the back, and while now dry, still was not sanitary. For the next several minutes the front smelled like a big pile of gross. I think I was the only one that noticed because it was getting late.
Well that's a bit of odd stuff that happens at Saltgrass. I'll probably put more in here and there. I also will get an image up soon, but right now the one I want is too big. Catch y'all later.
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New here [Jan. 23rd, 2002|02:43 pm]
Hey folks. I'm not exactly sure why I got one of these, but here I am typing one up. By the way, the rule I have for my entries is this "Nothing serious." It is strictly for humor. That means I'll post funny stories of the day or something. So don't expect to get deep insight into my life or anything.
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